Design that services your business and your audience.

We realised something not so long ago that was quite startling for a group of creatively-minded people: there is no such thing as design for design sake. There would always be a string of missing links; namely, the audience, the intention, the meaning, and the result. Our designs are always channeled through a certain medium, for a specific audience, in order to create meaning that drives results. That doesn’t take away from its creativity, it just gives it (and us) some perspective on the whole thing.

The holistic approach

This is where we get to build a complete visual and experiential design identity for your business. Where the user experience is holistic: from the moment they see a social media post, to their first click on your website, to their arrival at your door, their experience inside, and the reviews they pass on. There is nothing better than our whole agency using our unique skills to develop an identity for a new (or renewing) business.

Phase 1:

Brand Development

Briefing session

Brand strategy


Branding and logo development

Social media strategy and set-up

Website landing page

Initial collateral design

Phase 2:

Commercial Design

Meeting to discuss briefs

Site visists

Mood Boards

Visual Construction Plan

Material Supplier Selection

Commercial Interior Fitout

Commercial Kitchen Fitout

Phase 3:

Brand Implementation

Website design and development

Web domain, hosting, and maintenance

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Collateral print production

Social media launch and development

Online marketing campaigning

Public relations (launch, media relations)